Genuine Australian Sheepskin Rug


Handwoven premium sheepskin rugs are so much more than a simple floor covering or superficial decorative piece. These high-end products introduce a palpable new atmosphere of vitality and intrigue, or vastly enhance an existing decor. With the addition of scientifically proven health benefits, these materials have been sought out by fashion adept individuals for centuries.

  • Our sheepskin rugs are natural product. This means the fur may vary in length and color from one unit to another. Typical fur length ranges between 1.5 inch to 3.5 inch. The overall color ranges between ivory and buttery yellow.
  • Sheepskin rugs can be used all year round due to their warming and cooling effects.
  • Each pelt comes with clean and care instructions attached to the back with an easy to remove label. Simply apply heat and the label will come right off the rug, allowing you to wash the rug.


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